Date Night Ideas on a Student Budget

So love is in the air, but air is all that's filling your wallet. However you still want to do something special with your loved one. I am incredibly familiar with this feeling so here are some ideas you could do to have a nice date for little to no money:
  1. Order a takeaway and watch something on Netflix - a classic way to spend time together, and who doesn't love cuddles, good TV and good food? I know takeaways aren't exactly the cheapest but you can find cheap local ones or chain ones offer some good deals.
  2. Dress up but stay in - A personal favourite of mine. I love any excuse to dress up nice for inappropriate occasions, so I love staying in with a Chinese but wearing my Sunday best. This is actually what we did for the last two Valentines Days and it was really fun.
  3. Go to dinner with vouchers - If we want to actually go out for dinner, which is a rarity, we usually go somewhere that offers meal deals or I have a look on Groupon for any bargains. We did this for our anniversary dinner in London in September, the deal we found was amazing! We got so much food for so little money, and in a fancy restaurant in Chelsea too!
  4. Go for a bike ride - after our anniversary dinner we rented out Barclays bikes in London and rode around Hyde Park, it was truly magical and a lovely way to spend time together. Obviously applicable somewhere like London where you can rent bikes unless you have your own.
  5. Go for a walk - pretty simple, but fun if the weather is nice.
  6. Picnic - again simple but always fun, maybe not in the current weather but when the sun comes out find a quiet park and spend the day together.
  7. Picnic indoors - the alternative when the weather is crap! Make some sandwiches and  get some snacks and chill on a blanket at home. It's all the fun without all the hassle.
What was your favourite date with your loved one?

Until next time,