Hair Care Tips for Mega Damaged Hair


So I'll be the first to admit that I have completely fucked up my hair. I wanted platinum white hair and as an unnatural red-head that was quite a feat to achieve. I'll also admit that I am the least patient when it comes to changing my hair - when I endeavour to change it I want the finished results immediately. So when I decided I wanted white hair I did a very stupid thing and bleached my hair myself maybe like 4/5 times in the span of 3 weeks. OOPS.

Luckily, my hair didn't fall out. But the hairdresser I eventually went to, to fix the patchy mess I'd made, was NOT happy. In the end I got the hair colour I wanted (or as close as possible without going bald) which you can see in my previous post called Black and White. However, the sacrifice was that I was left with hair that STRETCHES if you pull a strand and that breaks a little bit every time I brush it. I knew that was going to be the result, but I didn't quite understand just how fragile my hair was going to be. So, I had to think fast about what I could do to try and revive my hair.

Here are some tips I've learned first-hand about what helps to at least temporarily revive my hair to its former softness.

1) Don't wash your hair as often.
I had already trained my hair to be okay with being washed 2 maybe 3 times a week without too much grease, even before I bleached it because I'm just downright lazy. Afterwards, because my hair was so so so dry, it was easy to reduce washing even more, because the natural oils are ESSENTIAL to helping revive your hair. Sure my hair was gross for a little bit until my hair got used to being washed maximum twice a week, but that's where dry shampoo comes in handy. But now it's not a problem anymore.

2) Oil treatments all day err'day
Personally I found before bleaching that if I used even the smallest amount of hair oil it would leave my hair feeling greasy. However, now it's an essential part of washing/drying my hair. My advice is to run a little bit through your hair before drying it (if you have to use a hair dryer) and then again straight after to give it a bit of shine back. It's especially useful for the straw-like ends to help soften them up a bit. The oil I'd recommend is the Bodyshop Beautifying Oil (any of the scents are amazing), although this is intended for your skin, it does wonders for the hair too, so why not use it for both?

3) Condition, condition, condition!
Now the slight silver lining to this mess is that to dye my hair various pastel shades a lot of conditioner and keeping it on my hair for a long time is required. I usually sit with the dye/conditioner mix in for about an hour and a half which obviously is very beneficial to my hair. Altough this is only temporary in making my hair softer, it's still beneficial in the long run. When I'm not dyeing my hair I try to condition my hair after every wash and keep it on in the shower or bath for 15 minutes to get  a more deep conditioning. I also use a specificly deep conditioning mask once a week, without washing my hair with shampoo, to really amplify the rehydrating effect - I can get away with this without making my hair mega greasy because its just THAT dry.

4) Try to avoid heat styling
As someone with naturally frizzy curly/wavy hair, avoiding heat styling is hard. I still use a hair dryer every time I wash my hair, which I probably shouldn't but I don't have 3545646 years to wait for it to dry naturally. But other than that I avoid straighteners or curlers as much as I can, only using them for special occasions or if I'm going out. A huge tip for still achieving some kind of waves to your hair is to get your hair about 95% dry and then twist it into two buns, one on each side of your natural parting. Leave them in for a couple of hours and then spritz a bit of hairspray after taking your hair out to hold the waves.

What is your advice for helping to revive mega damaged hair? Leave it in the comments, I'd love to try some new things out!

Until next time,