Hair Colour Removal: An Unexpected Hair Journey

Sorry I couldn't resist making a Hobbit pun given the opportunity. So here we are, my big hair journey. I went from a natural bleh-brunette to a platinum blonde, with a few stops in between.

My natural hair is a gross and boring medium brown, and I've ALWAYS hated it. So when I turned 16 I got my hair dyed a delicious chocolate brown, which suited me more than my natural hair colour ever did, and so I had this hair colour for a good 2 1/2 years, constantly just re-doing my roots. 

Then at univeristy I got super bored and dyed it dark red using a permanent box dye. I'd been playing with the idea in my mind for ages but I was never brave enough, when I came to uni and saw so many people with rainbow shades I decided to bite the bullet. I loved it! The dark red was so deceiving, from far away it looked like a natural dark brown but upon closer inspection it was such a rich red, especially visible in the sun.

Over last summer however, I got really bored and decided it was time to really go for something new. I wanted to do an ombré from my dark red to a brighter vibrant red. So I tried an ombré kit which did nothing, I tried bleaching it and it took 3 tries to get any colour lift. This was the result:

I'm the one on the left, and it was less orange in real life - this is just the lighting.
I then dyed over it with a semi-permanent red which unfortunately turned out bright pink, which I hated, and this lead me to subsequently cover it all up with my usual permanent red.

However I wasn't happy so by November I decided it was time to try pastel colours out, which lead me to try Colour Rewind from Superdrug. It did a way better job than I expected considering there was years of layers of dye to remove. Although I will never forget the absolute VILE smell, think rotten eggs and the grossest fart you can imagine, combined. And the smell really lasted, it took 2 days to air it out of my room and to wash it out of my hair. But it did the job. Then I proceeded to bleach it, however the colour removal ended up patchy which is still affecting my hair colour even after so many bleaches since.

I've dyed my hair pink once I achieved the lightest blonde I could, but it turned out a cotton candy pink rather than the dusty pastel I was going for so I tried a few other methods to try and fade it to my desired shade.

Straight after dyeing my hair pink, I hated it but made it work
To fade this pink out I constantly used anti-dandruff shampoo, renowned for fading colour incredibly fast, and it worked pretty well, the pink was nearly gone after two weeks from the midlengths of my hair. However, my roots were stained bright pink, no matter how much I washed them. So I tried the Vitamin C method, mixed with the shampoo. But for some reason that did absolutely nothing, but I'm sure that was my own fault. Eventually though this pink faded out, about a month after first dyeing it, back to a lovely platinum blonde. But this didn't last long and I dyed it again, but this time I did it purple, which is the colour it currently is.

Here is a little representation of my various hair colours over the last 3 years. L-R: My hair as chocolate brown, then when it was red over the brown, then when I stripped the colour out, and finally 3 bleaches later.

What is your advice for hair colour removal? Leave me some suggestions in the comments

Until next time,