My Current Techonology Wishlist

Yes I am reaching for the stars with this one. I am a poor film student after all, but that won't stop me dreaming and hopefully slowly aquiring this wishlist, I'll keep you updated how it goes haha.
1) Canon EF 17-40mm f4.0 L USM Lens - £600
I've been lusting after a nice wide angle lens for a while now, and although this would be a major investment, lenses last forever if taken care of so I'd be willing to invest in something which would serve me for years and years. Plus this would as a replacement for my standard kit lens which is 18-35mm, which I believe might be slightly broken. I might look into getting this lens second hand to maybe save a few hundred pounds, as this is a bit much for my wallet haha.

2) Rode VideoMic Go - £55
I currently don't own a microphone for my camera and the sound quality is quite bad which affects my current job - where I have to film in big echo-y spaces, so this will most likely be my next investment. Rode are quite a reputable company from the reviews I've read and 55 pounds is a very decent price for an on-camera microphone.

3) Neewer 160 LED Dimmable Panel Light - £26
A very conservative price for a camera light, useful because DSLRs aren't so great for filming in dark environments. I also plan to use this to take blog pictures in the evenings when natural light isn't available as my overhead light is incredibly yellow and detracts from the subject of the pictures.

4) Canon EF-S 10-18mm f4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens - £211
A cheaper alternative to the 17-40mm lens for that wide angle look. This is probably is the nearer future in terms of actually buying, although it's still incredibly expensive! But I hope to get a lot of use out of this for many years so it'll be a worthy investment.

5) Canon 7D DSLR Camera - £730
The ultimate goal in this wishlist. I really want to upgrade from my current 600D and hopefully sell it in order to help buy this camera. Although the 600D is a great camera, I'm beginning to feel it's limitations and the image quality is clearly evident between these two so I aim to upgrade as soon as possible. Better get saving those pennies!

6) eimo Camera Stabiliser - £56
As someone who gets incredibly shaky hands at the worst times when filming, this would be a DREAM to have, to create beautifully smooth tracking and panning shots. Hopefully if I work hard enough over the summer holidays I'll be able to afford this luxury.

7) AmazonBasics Wireless Camera Remote - £6.99
A more realistic wishlist item haha! I want this to help me take future ootd and makeup pictures without anyone's help and to avoid the dreaded selfie-arm in all my images. For more professional uses this will be useful for taking long exposure pictures to avoid camera shake as well as for time-lapses and hyper-lapses which are techniques I'm very interested in trying out.

8) Rode DeadCat Go Wind Shield - £19
Simply an utter essential to go with the microphone mentioned previously if I ever want to shoot outside, even the slightest breeze can completely mess up audio/

9) Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM Lens - £200 (used)
I currently have a 50mm lens which I use constantly, but it's very limited in it's autofocus range which is incredibly annoying so I want to upgrade and sell my current one as I know I will get good use out of it. I intend to buy it second hand to save money as it'll still be perfectly functional regardless of previous owners.

10) CamSmart Shoulder Rig - £36
For occasions where a stabiliser wouldn't be effective or useful I'd like this to help with my shaky hands for smoothness of shots. Also useful if out shooting because it can fold up and be easy to carry to avoid shaky blurry pictures.

Until next time,