Review: Sennheiser HD201 vs HD202

I am by no means an audiophile, but I've had Sennheiser headphones for almost 2 years and honestly I can't ever go back to cheap in-ears anymore. The quality of this brand is amazing considering the modest price of these 2 models (HD201 on the left are about £12-15 and HD202 on the right are about £25-27, depending where you look). 

The sound quality is amazing! Which is a good thing for fancy headphones like these haha. I personally prefer the cheaper model, HD201, which might be controversial, as technically they should be the lesser model but here's why. My old HD202's broke after 6 months because of the ridiculously long 3 metre cable. The same also happened to my HD201's which I had before them as well, except it hurts less to shell out 15 pounds for a new pair of these than paying another 27 for HD202. So I have repurchased the HD201's because I needed them for an assignment, and that's all my bank balance would allow haha.

A big factor is that I personally find the 201's more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, as the cups are bigger, they enclose my ear. Another benefit to this is the sound cancellation is better because your whole ear is enclosed, which is particularly useful for sound editing which is the main reason I had to upgrade to these, as it was a university requirement. These also have less sound leaking out which is good for travelling, or working in the library - I don't want to be the dickhead making everyone else listen to my music, no matter how good it is.

I suppose Sennheiser have tried to fix the long cable problem by providing a cable-winder for the HD202's, as expected for the higher price, but honestly it's pretty poor at keeping the cable together, it would always come undone in my bag.

Another difference I found is that I'm pretty sure the HD202's are heavier on lower frequency sounds - aka they are more bassey (I was just trying to sound clever, honestly I have no clue about frequencies). I actually preferred this as I like to play my music loud and the more bass the better in my opinion haha, although this can slightly affect sound editing if you're going mega in-depth, but that never really affected me.

Overall, Sennheiser are an awesome brand and both these headphones have their merits, depending what you want from them. These are just my observations from having owned both, but I don't have any major complaints other than the bloody cable length (but even that is useful for more professional sound-related people).

Have you tried these out before? What did you think?

Until next time,