Adventures in St Albans

A more lighthearted and less emosh post today! Very overdue, but I wanted to share some pictures from my other half's 21st birthday celebrations last month. We started off the day with a maccies breakfast, gross and greasy but delicious, but that's not exactly 'blog friendly' so I didn't take any pictures, plus that would be weird. 

Then we headed off into St Albans for the day, we wanted to explore the quaint little town and it's quite nearby so it was a cheap day out. The weather was beautiful and we had a few places in the town on our hitlist. To our surprise it was a market day so the town centre was roaring with people.

After doing a little bit of shopping we headed towards the cathedral which was the main attraction of the day. The weather was absolutely stunning that day so it was perfect for walking around, and the grounds of the cathedral were beautiful, the grass littered with people enjoying the sun and having picnics.

Although I'm not religious, churches and cathedrals have always fascinated me in their grandieur and intricate architecture so I was even more excited to go inside! I'm a sucker for stained glass windows, they are truly beautiful to me so I was overjoyed when we headed in to see this stunning window that reminded me very much of a mandala in design.

After spending ages inside admiring all the little details of this awesome cathedral, we headed back out into the sun to get some ice cream, followed by a trek to try out Dunkin' Donuts which the birthday boy was the most excited about. Afterwards we nipped into a couple of shops, where I bought a few bits to also celebrate loan day haha. 

When we got home we hung out and the boyf played some of his new xbox games before we headed out to dinner and then enjoyed some quiet drinks at home with most of our friends.

Initially our goal was to get to Verulamium Park but we couldn't find our way there in the end, so other than that what would you recommend in St Albans if you're familiar with the area? We want to head back there soon to explore some more!