Let's Have a Chat: Reflection Corner

So tonight, as I am laying in bed feeling really ill and hungover, I felt like reflecting on a few things. Last night was my university's Summer Ball (a prom of sorts, but a bit more casual), and it marked the official end of my second year as a Film and Television Production student. It was a parade of girls in gorgeous dresses and guys looking sharp in their suits all having fun and celebrating the start of summer. 

Although for me the air was a bit heavier, that night was the last hurrah of sorts with a few of my friends who are heading off into very exciting opportunities to study aborad, as well as other friends who I won't see again until September for our final year. This sparked a sort of nostalgic feelings, kind of making everything bittersweet so I felt like sitting down and reflecting on the past academic year with these amazing people.

This past academic year has been amazing, it's had its trials and tribulations, but overall it completely outdid the previous one. This year I pushed myself to really go for opportunities if it was logically possible, meaning I got to have amazing experiences towards my career and have so much fun with some of my closest friends at the same time. I got to film Deaf Havana performing at my University with my friend Tina, I got to film two amazing catwalk shows for a local 'fashion week' event, as well as 4 music videos for 2 amazing artists; Tut Tut Child and Natasha North (which you can watch here). 

By getting these amazing experiences with my friends, it really boosted my confidence and I managed to go and try out different things by myself. So in December I got my first paid filming job, making short films for an extra curricular programme across Hertfordshire! I would never have had the guts to even apply if it wasn't for all those other experiences surrounded by the comfort of friends and all of us banding together, trying to dip our toes in unfamiliar water, which I am really thankful for.

And although I am really sad about this year coming to a close and sad to be parting with amazing people, I'm gonna try and use it as inspiration to push myself outside of the safety blanket of Uni this summer, to start my own individual career progression, while also maintaining my first proper part-time job to earn that dolla dolla (to knock down my tech wishlist from my previous post).

Reflecting on things tonight has made me realise that I'm unhappy about a few aspects of my life at the moment and I think this summer is the perfect opportunity to kick things into gear and work my arse off to start my final year with a bang in September.

I am determined to come back to uni having extended my CV my at least one more experience, to really put more effort into this blog as a casual creative outlet and as my hobby, and to try develop my technical skills by possibly starting vlog style videos on youtube. I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about this for months but I really do want to create a little capsule of any fun experiences this summer as a reminder for myself, but also to experiment with my DSLR even further and to up my editing skills - particularly as I'm going to visit family in Lithuania in August, I want to document all the excitement there as a journal of sorts plus I want to get past the whole awkwardness on-camera phase before then. 

I also want to try and work on my health and fitness this summer as my eating habbits are honestly shitty, I don't feel great about my body and I've noticed how my energy levels are affected too AND if I wanna get my hustle on this summer I can't be feeling like a lazy sloth ya know?

And on that note, I will end this word-vomit shambles of a post. This time I don't really have a question to end on, as I usually do, because this post is more so for me to let off steam, to show gratitude to my friends for another awesome year, as well as a kind of goodbye and send off to a few others by sharing our memories, even if it's not a goodbye. Although I hope this post inspires you to reflect on your year or life and hopefully it'll inspire you to make changes if you're unhappy and to show gratitude to the good people in your life.