University Series: General Advice from a Second Year

This is a picture of Cambridge Uni, I wish mine looked this pretty - from a trip with my family last April.
So today I wanted to continue my Univesity Series with some more general tips and advice that I've picked up in my last two years of being a uni student. Some of these tips are more general than others, but I wish I had known these when I was a fresher, so here's to hoping this post will help a few people out!
  1. Set a budget when you go food shopping and use a calculator to stick to it. I'm really bad with my money but this tip is an absolute life saver, so I know exactly what's going in and out of my bank account, as even mobile banking can be crap at showing transactions properly.
  2. Make sure to go view your accommodation for the following year so you don’t end up living somewhere that's really inconvenient or too overpriced or falling apart, believe me it's so easy to fall for the easy option but don't be scared to wait and look at more options.
  3. Make sure you know the habits of the people you plan on living with in your second year, so you can judge if they'll really get on your nerves. Very useful for avoiding unnecessary arguments, of which there will be quite a few.
  4. Buy and bring a sturdy backpack with you when shopping, as well as a bag for life if you're gonna do a bigger shop – saves money on crappy plastic bags, and is less painful on your hands when you have to cart it all back to your place.
  5. Make sure you check the new house when you move in – for damp, mould, broken stuff. Check the gas and electricity and water meters because you could fall prey to the previous tennants' overdue bills and you could be over charged by companies.
  6. If you know you’ll need help with finances eventually, start looking for a job as early as possible because with such a high student population, jobs in the area that are good for students will be really hard to get and will go fast, believe me it takes a good while of hardcore applying to get anywhere.
  7. When doing essays, use to help automatically create you a bibliography in any style - also eally good for looking up and automatically citing books and other formats. Absolute godsend!
  8. If you can’t afford heating, or know that this luxury will be avoided at all costs in your second year accomodation/house – make sure to stock up on: blankets, dressing gowns, hoodies, jumpers, canned soups, and hot water bottles, they'll be heavenly when it gets super cold.
  9. Try and find a thin cardigan to stuff in your handbag for nights out – cloak room fees suck and its useful as you’ll mostly be going out in the winter time, useful for the smoking area and the dreary walk home. Every smidge of warmth will be appreciated, even if it's a thin little cardigan.
  10. Make sure to splash out on fruit and vegetables when you can, itll make a huge difference to your energy levels and you’ll notice it when all you’ll really be eating is processed crap.
  11. Store toiletries in your room, unless you want to go through a bottle of shower gel and 10 toilet rolls a week.
  12. Stock up on medicines for when the inevitable colds and flu’s ensue, nothing sucks more than having to trek to your local pharmacy or supermarket when you barely want to move.
  13. If you’re at a house party, don’t be the dj – it’ll piss everyone off after the first two songs.
  14. Don’t bother buying the textbooks, you’ll figure out which ones are actually needed quickly enough and it’s a waste of money – buy them second hand if you do end up needing them. The quality doesn't matter as long as you can actually read the information.
  15. Join a sports club not a society – they keep you active and are usually cheaper than a gym membership, no spammy emails, good for meeting new people, good for your cv too.
If you're a second year yourself, are there any more tips you would add? Let me know in the comments,