Lithuania 2015: the Photodiary

Today I make my return to blogging with a really long photo diary of my trip to my home country of Lithuania. I apologise in advance for the atrocious length of this post, but my country is just TOO beautiful not to share! Trust me this is waaaaaay narrowed down from the behemoth amount of pictures on my hard drive haha.

Let's get this ball rolling with an adorable picture of me when I was 8 years old, just one year before moving to England. I hunted this down when I couldn't sleep on our first night there. Damn those time differences. Also note the absolutely hideous brown and black uniform, and my fab yellow turtleneck underneath, and once noted please blame my mother for my appearance. 

This was taken just down the road in the village by my family's farmhouse, it was too picturesque not to snap! This type of house/farm is incredibly common in Lithuania as the majority of the country is still very rural, apart from in bigger towns and cities of course. 

Next we have a bit of an experimental photo, taken in pitch darkness (hence how out of focus it is) but I just had to keep it purely out of shock! I couldn't believe how much light my camera picked up, this was pointed in the general direction of Kaunas and the part of the horizon where the sun set, which could explain the leftover light pollution. This was when I decided to try and find settings on my camera to take photos of stars, as I was amazed to be able to see part of the milky way in this isolated location just with my own eyes!

The following pictures are from Druskininkai and Bir┼ítonas which we visited over two days. They are two examples of towns in Lithuania that are classed as rehabilitation/resort/spa towns where many people get sent for physical therapy as they are known for their mineral water reserves that are said to have massive health benefits. As this attracts a lot of tourism it means that the towns had a lot of money to up their landscape A game!

Lastly, I was finally able to get the settings right on my camera to capture just how beautiful the skies looked at night at our farmhouse! Here's the result:

Let me know what you think down below!

Until next time,

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