Winter Skin Saviours

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Hey there! In today’s post I’m going to share with you my new found love – skincare. Now skincare is something that took me a long while to warm to; I’ve always been of the mindset that there was no point spending so much moola on some creams that just soak into the skin with no immediate results. Until recently at least.

As I’m growing older my skin is turning incredibly flaky and dry, long gone are the days of supple (albeit oily) teen skin, and as such my makeup no longer applies as nicely as it once used to. With the weather turning bitterly cold and large pores being a life-long battle, I have a lot of skin demons to fight in this freezing December.


If you suffer from incredibly flaky and dry skin, like I do, then exfoliation is your best friend. Although you do have to be careful especially if you have sensitive skin (again like I do), to avoid increased redness or potential soreness. I’ve been looking for the perfect way to reduce the flaky hell that is my skin literally for years, and I finally have a routine that I’m fairly happy with.

  1. ChemicalNip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum and Daily Cleansing Pads. I use both twice a day to help renew my skin in a pretty gentle way, although the pads are a little tingly and can sting if you have any picked spots, just sayin’.
  2. Physical – About once a week/fortnight I’ll use a face scrub to really get in there and get rid of any dead skin, although scrubs with microbeads in them are actually incredibly bad for the environment (hence their impending ban or phase-out in many countries) and are actually pretty bad for your skin, so I am just using up what I’ve got left ‘cos a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, ya know?
  3. Strips – I find pore strips quite useful for getting rid of dead skin around my nose (aka the hot zone) along with all the other junk stuck in there. Although these are quite harsh on my sensitive skin I still like them, I tend to use them on days where I’m at home with nowhere to be so my skin can rest afterwards.

Moisturise, Brighten and Revitalise
  1. Moisturiser – BIOTHERM Skin-Best is.the.bomb. Although hella pricey. A rich cream formula that leaves my skin instantly more plump and hydrated, perfect to apply in the morning before my makeup.
  2. Sheet Masks – If I’m after a little something extra, as a treat if you will, I really enjoy these Garnier Tissue Masks. This pack is loaded with serum and as they come with a second protective cloth layer you can be cheeky and get two uses per pack.
  3. Vitamin C – This Una Brennan serum is a fantastic way to inject a bit of vitamin C into your skincare, an essential for brightening dull and tired skin after a long day’s work. This serum in particular also leaves the skin ultra soft!
  4. Dark Circles – this little eye roll-on from Simple is an amazing saviour for puffy eyes when I wake up, and to combat dark circles from constant early mornings. A great addition to my routine and one that I regret not buying sooner!

Poor Pores
Now I have to provide a disclaimer here that I may ramble about this one face mask for a while. This guy right here is my number one. The L’Oreal Clay Detox Mask is my absolute holy grail for minimising pores – especially since I use it straight after a good ol’ pore strip. This clay and charcoal mask is different than most; it doesn’t heat up as it dries so there’s no risk of sensitive skin reacting badly, in fact it provides a pleasant cooling feel. Honestly when I first used it and washed it off I actually gasped – I’ve never seen my pores so small! Pores be gone. And from that moment I made it my mission to preach it to all my family and friends, and now to you. For £7.99 you get great value, I’ve used this mask 1-3 times a week for around a month and I’m barely halfway through it. I’ve also tried the pink clay mask from this range but unfortunately I found it too rough for my sensitive skin (it has microbeads in it) so just a heads up on that one.

Night Time Treats
And finally, the pièce de résistance. The ultimate skincare godsend (I treated myself for my 21st birthday ok?). Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil is the most amazing saviour for my dry lizard skin, I apply three drops max a few nights a month; it leaves my skin incredibly hydrated, soft and supple and the retinol really helps minimise pores too. A great all-rounder really, if you can remortgage your house to buy it that is…
What are your skincare staples? I’d love some recommendations for spot treatments!
Until next time,
Emilija x

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