Favourite Beauty/Fashion Youtubers

To kick off today's post let me start by saying that I am a serial Youtube-watcher, it's what I do in my spare time when I want to relax and the amount of people I'm subscribed to at the moment is insane. So I thought it would be a good idea to do a little series of round-ups of my favourite Youtubers from different categories that I enjoy watching. This post is in no particular order.

I've been following Estée for maybe 4 or 5 years now and she is my number 1. I love how approachable she seems in her videos and how gorgeous her scandi/midcentury modern home is (seriously just look at her instagram, ultimate goals). She's the hilarious and goofy big sister of youtube that still really gives me a sense of girl power, and I mean c'mon Reggie is adorable and Aslan is hilarious too. I go to her channel for beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos and I adore her vlog channel too.

Claire is my one of my favourites for fashion inspiration and I trust her makeup expertise, she used to be a professional makeup artist after all. The thing that absolutely drew me to her channel was how creatively different her videos are, she really pushes the boat out and it's completely inspiring. She's down to earth and real and a completely strong, enviable and powerful woman - you go girl!

Now I haven't been watching Desi's channel for as long as some others in this list but when I discovered her I fell in love with her personality. She's so funny and I love her snapchat where she keeps it completely real. She absolutely slays on instagram too and her beauty tutorials and reviews are really informative.

I found Katy's channel through seeing her in a few of Desi's videos and their friendship is something I adore, especially seeing it on snapchat. Katy is relatable and hilarious so I trust her opinion 100%, I love watching her tutorials and her 'hot new shit' series for upcoming makeup releases, and I wished she vlogged more!

This girl is seriously underrated! Her fashion knowledge is vast and her quirky style is the pinnacle of inspiration for me. I've only followed her for a few months and I'm kicking myself it wasn't sooner because I adore her style and her get the look series, and I'm not gonna lie she has inspired me to look at moving to Manchester someday! She's funny and down to earth and I adore getting inspiration from her 70s inspired style.

So here are a few of my faves, I could go on for absolutely ages about heaps more channels but I wouldn't want to bore you!

Who are your absolute fave gurus?

Emilija x

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