Morphe 35F Swatches and Review

Yesterday I finally got my hands on my first Morphe palette so what better way to get familiar with it than to swatch it to see what I think? I've been a fan of copper tones for a long time, especially since they suit my green/hazel eyes the best, but I've never been able to find a copper shadow that packs the right amount of dramatic punch for my taste. Along the same lines I've been yearning to try out more red toned or cranberry shades to bring out the green in my eyes for the ultimate fall look, so this palette seemed the perfect fit for me (didn't help that the 35OS was out of stock everywhere).

As soon as I got my mitts on this baby I had to swatch it to see if these shadows live up to the hype, immediately. Since I've never owned any eyeshadow palettes that cost more than maybe £8 (I see you Makeup Revolution), this was my first higher end shadow experience(?). Still really affordable in the long run at only £23.50 from Cult Beauty. The following images have been colour corrected to show the true colours of the shadows.
Row 1 shown swatched with a finger on the left and a brush swatch on the right
The top row consists of various shimmery highlight shades, perfect for the brow bone or inner corner. When I swatched these I was impressed with the pigmentation for such light colours, and the buttery texture. These shadows are so soft and creamy - a great first impression. As you can see here there is very little difference between the finger and brush swatches which is a good sign as brushes tend to lend less dense pigmentation. There's highlight shades in a good variety of tones, from pink, peachy and golden.

Row 2
The second row offers more bronze shimmers in light and dark brown tones with taupe, rose gold and copper options for whatever mood. The shadows in this row were less pigmented on the brush swatches, and a little more crumbly but still gorgeous - these would look amazing when applied wet. I'm still very impressed by these and they weren't patchy at all, I can't wait to play around with these for some smokey eyes.
Row 3
This row is what sold me on this palette! Absolutely love these shades - my copper/red toned dreams come true with some darker options for more daring days. Amazing texture but did have a little bit more fallout, which is totally okay with me.
Row 4
Bottom Row - All the mattes in this palette.
Now this row is where my first impression changed a little. Although still buttery in texture, these shades are much less pigmented and felt more chalky than the rest of the palette (especially the black shadow). These shades were more crumbly and swatched more patchy both with my finger and with the brush. I have to say I wasn't that impressed especially since my Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 palette had more pigmented mattes, just saying. However, it is nice to include some matte crease shades in different tones to match the rest of the palette so I can't complain too much, I'd just rather use other shadows I already have.

Overall, I'm still in love though (I'm a shimmery binch through and through).

What were your thoughts on this palette - should I check out some others from Morphe?

Until next time,

Emilija x

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