Skincare Heroes: Squalane

So you might read the title of this post and think, "squa-what now?" Unless you're keen on what's new in skincare you might not have heard of our skin's new best friend - squalane.

Here's the scientific spiel for you; squalane is a hydrocarbon, which is derived from squalene, that is naturally present in the skin's sebum, around 10% of it actually. In skincare way wayyy back in the day it used to be derived from shark livers for its medicinal benefits - but you'll probably be glad to know that it is now extracted from olives and rice, unless you have a weird vendetta against sharks...

Now, enough of that boring shite - here's what you're actually here to find out; how is squalane supposedly gonna change my skincare life?

This little beauty is fantastic for restoring the skin's sebum (I swear that word sounds gross, but it's a necessary evil) - which is essential for us dry-skin gals, as we need all the help we can get! By restoring the sebum your skin can then produce the right amount of oil to maintain moisture. 

This might sound scary to you lucky devils who don't suffer constant lizard syndrome, but this oil is non-comedogenic, which basically translates to non-acnefying so it's actually suitable for ALL skin types! If anything, oily skin types need their sebum restoring even more as it is the imbalance that causes the excess amount of oil to be produced. Think of it this way - happy sebum = happy skin!*

So to sum it up, this godsend in a bottle from The Ordinary is not only affordable (£5.50 for 30ml, available here) but is also essential for restoring the natural squalane in your skin's oils which allow your skin to retain softness and suppleness - ergo also reducing fine lines! What more could a girl want?

(* Of course there can be a gazillion other factors that cause acne and I don't claim to be a dermatologist, just a big ol' skincare nerd, so take my word at face value and seek advice from a real pro!)

If you decide to try this out for yourself, let me know!

Until next time,

Emilija x

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